Blackjack Basic Strategy For Every Player

Blackjack Basic Strategy For Every Player

Most players feel that they understand how to play blackjack but for many this is not enough. After all, it has been very experience that most first-time players, who are very serious about learning to be a pro at blackjack, tend to be very enthusiastic about wanting to actually learn blackjack basics. However experienced players, especially those who have been playing for years, dismiss reading or even knowing about blackjack basics as unimportant and not worth the effort. They feel that once they have learned the techniques then, after mastering the skill of playing blackjack, winning will be too easy and any work that has to be done will be worthless. However, to a player that just started to learn the blackjack basics, learning the proper way to approach and play blackjack is of prime importance.

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There are two ways to approach to blackjack and learning the basic strategies. The first is to jump right in and start trying to read card and board combinations by heart. The second is much smarter and relies more on what you know about blackjack, which is to use a blackjack basic strategy to outwit the dealer and increase the house edge. This second approach is a lot trickier but a lot more effective as a blackjack player.

As with many things in life and in casinos specifically, the easiest way is usually to simply learn the correct basic strategy by doing lots of practice. The first thing that you need to do is to pick a casino or two where you can spend some time studying the different kinds and types of decks that are offered. You want to choose the casinos that have blackjack basic strategy decks that are designed to trick and/or bluff your way to the win. Of course you want to avoid playing in the casinos where all you will find are slot machines with a lot of flashing lights and whizzing sound effects.

Now that you have an idea of which kind of cards or combinations are on hand and what kind of casino you are playing in, the next step involves trying to figure out what the correct basic strategy should be. In a land-based casino the strategy that you should be using revolves around trying to eliminate the dealer and staying in as long as possible. When you have been playing for a while you become very familiar with the various dealer stands and their effect on the game. This allows you to quickly figure out when you should leave and when you should fold. It can take some practice to memorize all the different dealer stands but you will get the hang of it eventually.

Now let’s take a look at some examples of correct blackjack strategy. The basic blackjack strategy is to always play with a single pair of cards and a single hand that contain no other cards. If you have three decks of cards and you are playing blackjack with two pairs of cards each, then you know that there is a fifty percent chance that the dealer will have an advantage over you. If you are the highest player in the table with a single deck and two pairs, then it is very likely that you will lose that hand. The basic blackjack strategy is to play with multiple decks and a single hand.

Another example of correct blackjack strategy involves folding when you are behind and having an a-7 or a-6 on your hand. You may think that you are in the money because you have a good hand but the pot odds are definitely in the house’s favor. When you have a couple of cards and are completely behind, it is usually best to fold rather than continue to struggle. The reason for this is because the card odds on the a-7 and a-6 are terrible when they are joined by another pair of cards. The correct basic strategy is to fold if you are ever in a situation where you have less than a pair of cards and a straight is possible.