Why Would You Want to Know the Blackjack Card Values?

There are many reasons why someone would want to know the blackjack card values. Most of the time, these are used by dealers when they bet on a card. They will always bet for the highest card value they have available. Since all cards in the game are going to be worth some amount of […]

Basic Strategy Of Blackjack

Basic Strategy Of Blackjack Basic Strategy is one of the most basic and important things about playing Blackjack. You might have already realized that with a single card in your hand, you will be able to win in any situation in any game in which you will be involved with. So now, since you have […]

Learn How to Count Cards With Blackjack Card Counting

Learn How to Count Cards With Blackjack Card Counting Card counting or blackjack card counting is a way of adding up your wins and losses for playing blackjack. You must get hold of all the cards in a hand and then add them up before folding or betting. A good technique for card counting involves […]

Howto Win Free Blackjack Online

So, you want to get into the blackjack free online game but you’re afraid to lose your initial investment. Well don’t worry as there are many ways to make this game a success. I’m going to share with you how you can really start to enjoy yourself when playing the blackjack game free online. There […]